With the MKSA educational goals as the operating principle, IGC Kiddy centers on the selection and development of learning content to bring children a comprehensive development in Mindset – Well-being – Knowledge. The harmony of the IGC Kiddy Standard with IGC Kiddy +, inspired by a wide range of topics and projects as well as creative implementation of teaching methods, has facilitated an engaging and enriching learning environment for the young learners

Mainstream program

The bilingual mainstream program embraces the MKSA (Mindset, Knowledge, Skills, Attitude) objective framework coupling with the engaging Project approach teaching strategy. Most notably, at IGC Kiddy, young learners can explore and broaden their horizons through STEAM-driven projects – an integrated approach of knowledge

ESL Program

Participating in the ESL program at IGC Kiddy, young learners interact with native homeroom teachers every day through diversely and vividly designed lessons which integrate the language learning goals with other majors...

Japanese Physical Education
The Japanese Physical Education Program is copyrighted with Takasago Education Group from Japan. The program follows a science-based exercise system from simple to complex, easy to difficult, provided by leading experts from Takasago Education Group.