Vocational Training


IGC Group is responsible for Sonadezi College of Technology and Management

The school centers on training students under the “Global Citizen” standards who are strong in theory and practice, confident in foreign language capabilities, proficient in the Industry 4.0 skills; meeting the market demands. Along the same lines, the schools also collaborate with the businesses for internship as well as employment opportunities for students following graduation.

IGC students can immerse themselves in a dynamic and highly applicable educational environment. Graduates of different programs are equipped to reach for the top, for a bright future as elite global citizens.

With the mission of becoming a major human resources provider for key Southern industrial zones over the past 15 years, Sonadezi College of Technology and Management has supplied for the market over 6,000 technical and managerial staff whose qualifications match business demand. 

Mainstream Program: 12 majors: English Language, Chinese Language, Japanese Language, Korean Language, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Hospitality, Garment Technology, Footwear Technology, Technology, Construction Engineering, Applied Informatics. Training duration: 2.5 years.

Transfer Program: Business Administration, Accounting, English Language. Training duration: 1.5 years.

Graduate Program: Business Administration, Accounting. Training duration: 3 years.


To accommodate diverse learning needs, Global Mind Language Center and Institute of Research & Training TTCA aim to provide optimal soft skills training courses and the short-term vocational courses.

Vocational Training