Nemo C2 class, IGC Kiddy – Ben Tre Campus

My son, you have been in school for one year now.

My over 2-year-old timid kid who could not consume rice or cake has transformed into a bold, brave boy with a "bigger" appetite than his classmates. I had no idea this would happen when I first sent him to school, but it has become my absolute faith.

I am overwhelmed with joy as I look at all the lovely little gifts, made by hand in class, brought home to me. I am even more proud and content with my decision to put you in the school environment. You have the freedom to be creative, to showcase your abilities, to learn and experience new things at this school. I am more confident than ever that you are in the competent hands of mother-like educators. You enjoy your school and school meals so much that you run away from me whenever I come to pick you up. I believe that IGC Kiddy has become your second home.

All credits go to IGC Kiddy Ben Tre Campus, as well as to all of the teachers and staff, for being an excellent companion on my parenting journey!

Molly 1 class, IGC Kiddy - District 7 Campus 

The home staycation diary in the pandemic! 

Your chattiness on stay-at-home days reminds me of your first days of school. You were so adorable as an 18-month-old - a tiny angel with a milk-scented chubby cheek and big sparkling eyes!

We chose to send you to school in the hope that you will gain strength, make new friends, become more playful, and develop a greater appetite. My mind is imprinted with the image of you on your first day of school – a small boy dressed in an orange shirt and blue check pants. I have trouble sleeping about you being away from me on your first day of school, struggling and clinging. Thus, for convenient pick-up, a well-maintained nearby school appears to be the best option. And, to my surprise, the boy who had spoken to me a few weeks before about going to school obediently went to school without crying. Of course, there will be times when you will whimper in longing for me.

Seeing how well-cared for you are in kindergarten and your enthusiasm for studying makes me feel relieved to leave you with the teachers. You are ecstatic to return to school and develop your courage. IGC Kiddy has the feel of a second home.

You have awesome companions on your development journey in your classmates and teachers. I am overjoyed that you have stopped being a late talker. After class, you enjoy repeating the songs taught by your teachers. Originally, I needed assistance from your teachers to understand, but as your pronunciation improves daily, I am no longer required to do so. You remember all the songs and poems taught and extol the virtues of your teachers. Your enthusiasm for school classes is obvious in your exuberant and cheerful tone of voice.

You informed me of everything you learned in Montessori. When I noticed you also had a schedule for Glenn Doman class, I coordinated with the school, and the result is worth it because you can now read. Additionally, you express how exciting it is to shower in the rain with your friends and eat buffet. You informed me that you make numerous best friends and requested that I read the poems you learned at home. You appear to be having a good time at your school festivals while having us play alongside you.

I appreciate all of your teachers and the supportive environment at IGC that fosters your growth. As your parent, we can be confident in our ability to go out and do our job.

I would like to express my gratitude to IGC Kiddy - District 7 Campus, particularly the teachers who care for my son. I am hoping the pandemic ends soon so my son can return to school. I am aware that he and other children do miss their classes!

Nemo B1 class, IGC Kiddy – Tay Ninh Campus 

IGC Kiddy – The happiness incubator  

In today's fast-paced society, it comes with no surprise that parents yearn for a quality school for their little darlings.

And IGC Kiddy exceeds my expectations.

My motto is to raise a happy child. Thus, above all, I respect my daughter's feelings. IGC Kiddy - the school I handpicked for my daughter - meets this critical criterion.

My daughter attended a three-day trial to acclimate to the environment, teachers, and classmates.
One of the benefits I enjoy is that parents can participate in a school day alongside their kids. For children, having their parents accompany them alleviates their sense of bewilderment in unfamiliar and strange surroundings. As for the mother, it will alleviate the sobbing and perplexed emotion associated with the first day of school for your children.

Teachers will observe and interact with students to learn about their interests and habits. My daughter was in the schedule-changing stage at the time, and it took her nearly a month to adjust to the new sleeping pattern at school (from 11:00 a.m to 1:45 p.m).

Another highlight is that the campus adopted the circular building concept, which creates a sense of connection between classes, demonstrating the teachers' genuine concern for their students. Each time the pupils see their teachers, they become as joyful as those little birds dancing and singing. Children's emotions are always genuine and lovable.

The school established the IGC Kiddy Portal as a means of communication between teachers and parents regarding their children's school activities. By logging into the system, you can access information about your child's schedule, such as what and how they learned today, their appetite and sleep patterns, and so on. The system is extremely useful for a busy mom like me who wants to keep track of her child's progress.

Time goes by so fast, and it is been six months since my child started school and developed into an independent, orderly, and neat young lady. You are particularly cheerful and obstreperous, radiating positive energy both within yourself and throughout your family. I have always had faith in the decision I made for you.

I want to thank all the teachers for their enthusiasm in nurturing these happy preschoolers.

Dolphin 4 class, IGC Kiddy – Trang Dai Campus


Bien Hoa, July 6th, 2021 

As a school parent, I would like to express my feelings about the school I chose for my daughter's education and development! However, it occurred to me that I  am not the one who experiences and comprehends this school in the same way that my daughter does. Thus, she will communicate her thoughts, feelings, and affection for this school, her teachers, and friends today!

The following is an emotional account of a five-year-old girl's school experience.

"I am a huge fan of IGC Kiddy Trang Dai. My beloved school has a lovely lawn that serves as a backdrop for our playground activities, which include swings and playground slides. I enjoy all of the school meals.

I genuinely love my teachers and classmates. I enjoy going to school because my classmates and teachers are all supports, and because no one yells at me. I also enjoy my class because it hosts all of my favorite activities. I am able to draw on a chalkboard and act out the role of a teacher. I also enjoy cooking games with my friends Dieu Tam and Nam.

Our classmates are always willing to assist one another. Each time I fall, my friends rush in to aide me, and I reciprocate. When some of the friends fight or refuse to assist one another, the teacher will explain, and they will then admit their error and stop fighting.

I enjoy science experiments and classes on modeling. My teacher empowers me to spend a great deal of time drawing landscapes. Additionally, I enjoy swimming and aerobic classes because they help me grow taller, healthier, and more cheerful.

During the Tet holiday, I recall my teacher instructing me a Tet poem. When I returned home and read that to my grandparents, parents, and other family members, they all expressed their appreciation for me. All of the poems she taught me are excellent and entertaining.

I am livid that I am unable to attend school due to the pandemic. I wish I could attend school and reconnect with my classmates and teachers.

My teachers are comparable to angels. Though I am about to advance to the next level of my course, I recall my previous instructors. I wish them continued happiness, health, and beauty!"

I am delighted to witness my daughter's maturation on a daily basis! I am glad she enjoys going to school, where she meets her teachers and classmates and receives everyone's affection and companionship! I am grateful that she is more mature and understands how to express herself; that her friends, teachers, and others have always been there to support her and shower her with love that fosters this genuine feeling!

I hope this pandemic passes quickly, that everyone remains healthy, and that our lives return to their normal happy cycle, with children returning to school to meet their friends and teachers and continue their journey.

Wishing that we can all overcome this pandemic, IGC Kiddy will continue to be a happy school dedicated to nurturing the soul and mind of preschoolers – a country's future!

I hope this pandemic will be over soon, everyone stays healthy, and our life goes back to its happy cycle with the kids going back to school to meet their friends and teachers to continue their journey. 

Wishing all of us will overcome this pandemic, IGC Kiddy will stay a happy school to continue its mission in nurturing the soul and mind of preschoolers – the future of a country!