Japanese Physical Education

The Japanese Physical Education Program is copyrighted with Takasago Education Group from Japan. The program follows a science-based exercise system from simple to complex, easy to difficult, provided by leading experts from Takasago Education Group.

The consistent syllabus offers 30-minute daily of different physical exercises tailored to individual physical conditions such as: Splits, triangle, bridges, glute bridge, swaying bridge, standing bridges, wall headstand, cartwheel, tripod headstand, vault, etc. The aim is to boost up children’s bodily suppleness, balance and wellness. Advanced versions in the program structure will also gradually build up their endurance and resilience to stand hardship.

By listening to PE instructors’ whistle commands, students are trained with solid reflexes and superior agility. During training sessions, greeting culture is seriously implemented as greeting phrases in Japanese with distinctive postures, and subsequently the gratitude and greeting customs, are taught to the little trainees.

PE equipment is imported from Japan, ensuring the safety during practice.

The instructors are highly competent, graduated from sports schools, and with many years of PE-related experiences. Every year, the team is trained and regularly updated with the latest instructional methods.