IGC Group recognizes 199 Elite Teachers on Vietnam's Teacher's Day
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On November 18, 2023, IGC Group proudly organized the IGC Elite Teacher Recognition Ceremony phase 2020-2023. The event celebrated 199 teachers with outstanding achievements, dedication to their profession, and a strong commitment to IGC Group. It was also an opportunity to share the pride of the teaching profession with the 2,000 IGC staff, including administrators, teachers, and lecturers, on Vietnam's Teacher's Day.

For parents and students, IGC teachers are reliable companions on the educational journey. They inspire learners and make the process of education enjoyable, helping students grasp knowledge, learn valuable lessons, gain insights about themselves and the world.

Within IGC, the teaching staff represents a fusion of expertise and the honing of a passion for both the profession and the students. To create a happy learning environment for generations of global citizens, IGC Group relies on the collective efforts of thousands of teachers—thousands of shining gems of excellence.

At the event, Ms. Duong Thuc Linh, CEO of IGC Group, stated: "At IGC, teachers are at the core of every personnel decision. We aspire to be a workplace where our colleagues can work, learn, grow, and contribute. In doing so, we have the opportunity to create excellent scenarios to fulfill our mission of "Creating a happy learning environment for generations of global citizens".

The IGC Group introduced the Elite Teacher Program in 2020, outlining specific criteria and well-deserved rewards. In its second phase (2023-2026), IGC Group will continue this program, emphasizing its long-term and clear investment to enhance the exemplary values of the teaching staff for IGC educational institutions in particular and the education sector as a whole.

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