IGC Group enhances global partnerships with leading schools in South Korea.
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Recently, the IGC Group Board of Management and management representatives conducted a business trip to South Korea. The purpose was to engage with partners and gain insights into the education landscape of one of the leading countries in Asia.

The education seminar between IGC Group and Kyungnam University took place in South Korea

Particularly, the delegation held working sessions at Kyungnam University (KU) and the Korea Science Academy of KAIST (KSA) to explore extensive collaboration opportunities. The aim was to further strengthen and expand international cooperation with renowned educational institutions in South Korea. The program featured the participation of Mr. Park, Jae Youn - Vice President in charge of Training at KU, Mr. Choe, Ho Seong - Vice President of KU, Mr. Jongbae Choi - Principal of KSA, Ms. Dương Thục Linh - CEO of IGC Group, and senior management representatives from all parties involved.

The parties exchanged ideas on collaboration opportunities, fostering international cooperation

At Kyungnam University (KU), IGC Group and KU jointly organized an education seminar to implement international collaboration activities. During the working session, both parties reviewed the infrastructure, outstanding educational programs, and collaborative activities implemented from 2018 to the present. Representatives from the leadership of IGC and KU set goals to enhance enrollment, student exchange programs, and continuously improve the quality of education, fostering comprehensive development for learners. Specifically, the two sides pledged to promote exchanges and collaborations with affiliated educational institutions by developing partnership programs for students at Sonadezi College of Technology & Management, awarding scholarships to outstanding students and faculty, and researching the development of the Korean language specialization within the IGC School Inter-level Education System.

Ms. Duong Thuc Linh shared her thoughts on the seminar: "We believe that with understanding, commitment, and broad potential, IGC and KU will engage in practical and effective activities, bringing benefits to students in Vietnam and Korea. Together, we contribute to shaping an outstanding global citizenry for the future."

The IGC Group delegation met with representatives from the Korea Science Academy of KAIST (KSA)

Mr. Jongbae Choi, Principal of KSA, presented a gift to Ms. Duong Thuc Linh, CEO of IGC Group

Ms. Duong Thuc Linh, CEO of IGC Group, presented a gift to the representative of Vietnamese international students at KSA.

IGC Group's delegation visited the KSA campus, taking photos with the school's senior management during the tour

During the business trip, the leadership of IGC Group engaged with the Korea Science Academy of KAIST (KSA). Established in 1991, KSA is a specialized high school in Science, Technology, and Engineering located in Busan. In 2001, it was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a science-gifted school, contributing to the training and development of the country's potential youth in prominent fields. As part of the discussions with KSA, senior representatives from both sides explored academic exchanges and the development of South Korea study programs for students with a focus on Mathematics, Science, and Engineering.

Ms. Duong Thuc Linh and the delegation visited and presented gifts to Hasarang Kindergarten

Furthermore, IGC Group members visited Hansarang Kindergarten, a school nestled in the forest, fostering a close connection between students and nature. They also toured the Future Science Institute. The continuous pursuit of learning and the application of effective educational models contribute to the development of educational institutions, reflecting the educators' sense of responsibility.

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