Tan Phu School collects used cooking oil
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Nutrition experts advise against reusing cooking oil. When heated multiple times, the vitamins and some nutrients in the oil are destroyed, while harmful substances and food residues that are not visible to the naked eye appear during the cooking process. Reusing cooking oil also makes it more susceptible to oxidation, which can negatively affect the flavor and color of the food. If used frequently, the risk of cancer increases.


Ensuring a safe learning environment is a responsibility and sustainable development goal of the IGC Group and its affiliated schools. To operationalize this direction, on April 27th, Tan Phu Primary-Middle-High School collected used cooking oil to contribute to protecting community health and the environment.

The school collaborated with Insee (Thailand) to collect nearly 200 liters of used cooking oil. The collected oil will be burned in a clinker kiln with a temperature of about 2,000 degrees Celsius, producing carbon, water, and no CO2. Then, it will be mixed into cement according to the processing method that Vietnam and other international countries are applying. This activity is regularly implemented in the school and widely implemented in all affiliated schools of the IGC Group.


In addition, the Environment-Health-Safety department of IGC Group also collects hazardous waste such as fluorescent bulbs, used batteries, lubricant oil, etc.; at the same time, they guide students and staff to recognize unsafe situations at school to improve community awareness.

As a sustainable education-oriented corporation, IGC Group has a responsibility, to the extent reasonable, to protect the environment and ensure the health, safety, and welfare of employees, students, visitors, contractors, and the community. IGC also accepts responsibility for the environment, health, and safety of others who may be affected by its activities.

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