Psychological counseling services at IGC schools
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Belonging to the sustainable development group, school psychological counseling is among the prioritized activities at IGC schools, receiving significant investments in infrastructure and a team of dedicated professionals. The primary objective of this endeavor is to nurture the students' mental well-being and equip them with the necessary skills to navigate academic difficulties and interpersonal challenges. Additionally, it serves as a liaison to enhance the understanding and awareness of the psychological aspects of children, taking into account the evolving social and educational landscape in this new era. By fostering effective collaboration, it aims to optimize the educational impact on students' development.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Bich Hong, a member of the IGC Group Advisory Board, and psychological counseling experts

Teachers regularly meet, learn, and exchange professional knowledge with each other

With a team of dedicated and highly skilled psychological counselors, guided by the experienced and passionate expert Dr. Nguyen Thi Bich Hong, a member of the IGC Group Advisory Board, the school counseling services at the 8 interconnected IGC Schools have become increasingly systematic and professional. Alongside establishing standardized and welcoming counseling spaces for students to readily access timely support, the psychological counseling team at the IGC School regularly updates their knowledge and enhances their professional competence through monthly supervision activities, training workshops, and specialized events focused on psychological counseling.

Teachers actively engage in their own projects at school while also being ready to share resources within the counseling programs of the system

The school counseling departments at IGC School organize a wide range of activities to cater to different needs. In addition to providing individual counseling and direct support to students, teachers, and parents who are facing psychological difficulties in the confidential counseling rooms, the psychological counselors proactively engage in preventive measures through topic-sharing sessions that capture students' interest and active participation. These activities have yielded positive results, including:

  • Child protection lecture series: Raising awareness and preventing school bullying, which is implemented in most IGC Schools.
  • Specialized topics: The "Expressing Emotions" session, which attracted the participation of nearly 1,000 students at Le Quy Don High School - Long Binh Tan.
  • "Psychological Counseling Day" event featuring dedicated topics for parents, middle school students, and high school students, held at IGC Tay Ninh School in collaboration with Dr. Nguyen Thi Bich Hong and the team of school psychological counselors from IGC schools.

School psychological counseling activities also serve as a collaborative educational effort between the school and families, playing a crucial role in students' holistic development and ensuring they have a fulfilling and joyful experience throughout their school years.

Parent-focused workshops

Child Protection Lecture Series: Recognizing and Preventing School Bullying

The topic "Expressing Emotions"


Topic: "Preventing and Addressing Violence and Abuse for Students"

 Dr. Nguyen Bich Hong explains, "In today's rapidly evolving and complex society, it is essential for us to early recognize negative issues that can have detrimental effects on children's psychological and personal development. We need to proactively identify and address these challenges, connect with others, and share experiences to gain a deep understanding of children's difficulties. It is our responsibility to support them in facing and overcoming pressures and obstacles in life. Psychological counselors serve as trusted allies for students, and they possess the expertise to assist teachers and parents in objectively and scientifically understanding their children. School counseling activities are crucial in creating a safe and welcoming learning environment for students, promoting emotional stability, effective learning, and character development."

With a profound sense of responsibility and genuine compassion, school psychological counseling will continue to fulfill its role within IGC Schools. The counseling rooms should become a familiar space for those in need, a place where they can seek guidance from reliable "psychological counselors - trusted companions" within the school community, contributing to the overall happiness and well-being of students.

 We adopt a unique approach for elementary, middle, and high school students, using effective methods to naturally and engagingly encourage active listening and open sharing


The psychological counseling space is designed to be warm and welcoming

When students need to have discussions with their teachers, they can either visit the counseling room directly or schedule an appointment

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