Congratulations to the IGC teachers on winning the National Finals of the E2 Vietnam Forum 2022-2023 awards.
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The Ministry of Education and Training, in partnership with Microsoft, has recently unveiled the list of finalists for the National Finals of the E2 Vietnam Forum (*). This prestigious event showcases a total of 44 projects across the AB and C categories. Notably, IGC has made its mark with an impressive participation of 10 projects that have achieved remarkable results. These projects cover a wide range of subjects, including Language Arts, Physics, History, Foreign Languages, STEM, and Interdisciplinary studies.


IGC has 10 out of 44 projects reach the National Finals of the E2 Vietnam Forum 2022-2023

This outcome is evidence of IGC's digital transformation efforts to apply IT ideas and achievements in education, thereby making the teaching and learning process at IGC schools more interesting, creative, and effective. IGC congratulates all the teachers involved and hopes that they will continue to maintain their enthusiasm, uphold and spread these positive values throughout the IGC community!

(*) The E2 Vietnam Forum, formerly known as the Innovative Teacher Contest on the ICT platform by the Ministry of Education and Training with the support of Microsoft Vietnam, has been organized since 2014. The contest promotes the creative and effective application of ICT in teaching by teachers, selecting outstanding representatives to participate in the Microsoft Global Education Forum.

Prior to this, IGC was honored to have 27 projects achieve the TOP 150 OUTSTANDING PRODUCTS nationwide. The top 150 projects participated in the exhibition and introduction of ICT applications in teaching at the Creative Classroom Showcase event - E2 Vietnam, organized by Microsoft Vietnam in collaboration with the Department of Teacher and Educational Administrator - Ministry of Education and Training. The program was part of the IGC Global Citizenship Day, providing specific, useful, diverse, and colorful information on digital education transformation activities in general education.

For information on the top 27 projects, click here.
For information on the IGC Global Citizenship Day, click here.


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