2021-2022 Year End Review And 2022-2023 Annual Plan: AUTHENTIC VALUES MAKE A TRUSTED BRAND
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On September 24, IGC Group was incredibly proud to organize 2021-2022 year end review and 2022-2023 annual plan themed “Authentic values make a trusted brand”.

The conference welcomed participation by IGC Group’s Board of Directors, Board of Management, and Advisory Board; IGC’s partners from Korea and Thailand; and managers from IGC’s educational institutes based in Hanoi, HCMC, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Ben Tre, Tay Ninh.  

Recognition and Rewards for 2021-2022 Achievements
“Everyone is a leader” – this message resonates with the exciting and meaningful experiences initiated by IGC Group during the school year 2021-2022. Among these experiences are the expansion of IGC's regional presence, the implementation of various programs on a national and international scale, the exploration of numerous platforms to maintain communication with parents and students, and the promotion of kindness as part of IGC's corporate social responsibility initiatives.



At the conference, IGC Group acknowledged and celebrated groups and individuals for their outstanding accomplishments over the last year. The highlights were Tan Phu Primary-Middle-High School continued to receive the Government’s Emulation Flag; IGC Group was named “Best companies to work for in Asia 2022”; IGC Kiddy Campus District 3  became a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS); and three IGC’s school (namely Le Quy Don – Tan Mai High School, Le Quy Don – Long Binh Tan High School, and IGC Tay Ninh Primary-Middle-High School) joined the network of Microsoft Showcase Schools 2022-2023. Attribution goes to IGC’s resolve to build and maintain a values-based organizational culture, apply adaptive leadership and improve operational efficiency. Individual and collective progress has enabled IGC to successfully grapple with the broad shifts in societal patterns and demonstrate a combination of thought and action leadership across the IGC system. 

Ms. Duong Thuc Linh, CEO of IGC Group, expressed her appreciation for IGC's achievements in her remarks regarding the growth strategy for the 2022-2023 FY and discussed the topics "Right attitude for good actions" and "Steps to increase operational efficiency. “Our achievements are constructs for both inspiration and standards on which IGC Group relies to solidify its position as an ever-expanding system,” said Ms. Linh. “I believe that, as an education group of great significance and virtue, IGC will constantly maximize its capabilities to fulfill its mission - Creating a happy learning environment for generations of global citizens”.

Introduction of new Advisory Board members and agreement with AEG Thailand 
Also at the conference, IGC Group announced a number of positive developments, demonstrating its efforts to improve education quality and foster a happy working and learning environment.


IGC introduced three new Advisory Board members, namely Mr. KC Lee, Prof. Ph.D. HoSeong Choe, and MBA Nong Vuong Phi. They would join Prof. Vo - Tong Xuan, Ph.D. Nguyen Thi Bich Hong, PhD. and Nguyen Dinh Phu, Ph.D., to advise and oversee IGC Group’s evolution towards professionalism, efficiency, and sustainability, as well as supporting IGC’s mission, vision and goals.


IGC Group and Ambassador Education Group (AEG) of Thailand inked an agreement.


IGC Group presented the Board of Management and Board of Directors of schools under Ban Mai School System, Hanoi – a new member of the IGC system.

IGC Group announced the appointments of Mr. Le Huu Tuan Nam as the Rector of IGC Tay Ninh Primary-Middle-High School, and Ms. Mai Thi Mong Tuyen as the Rector of IGC Kiddy Campus Tan Phu. IGC Group also honored teachers and other staff members who demonstrated qualification advancement between 2021 and 2022.

Furthermore, IGC Group handed over the action plan for 2022-2023 to IGC’s educational institutes.

Mr. John Paul Grainger, Director of International Curriculum, contributed to the afternoon session with an interesting talk in which he shared his experiences coordinating extracurricular international activities at IGC School.

Ms. Tabongkod Peunchob concluded the conference on behalf of the Board of Directors: "I am honored and proud to have witnessed the growth of IGC Group over the past several years. It is hoped that we can continue to promote our boundless capabilities and potential to bring the best to our students, employees, and partners, while delivering a positive impact on the growth of education in Vietnam and the surrounding region."


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