2-Year Journey of Leader in Me implementation at IGC School
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In an endeavor to elevate the quality of education and promote holistic development for students, IGC Group joined hands with FCE Vietnam, a partner of the esteemed global education conglomerate FranklinCovey based in the USA. Since 2021-2022, this collaboration has successfully introduced the Leader in Me program across IGC School campuses. This signifies a substantial and thought-out commitment by the IGC Group to effectively implement diligently licensed programs that consistently embody the essence of the Leader in Me program at all times.

The remarkable positive growth of students 

 Grounded in the principles of the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People," the Leader in Me program empowers students to cultivate their own leadership skills. IGC astutely weaves the program into teaching activities, campaigns, competitions, and domestic and international projects, eliciting enthusiastic engagement from students spanning grades 1 to 12.

Students from Tan Phu Primary-Middle-High School participated in the Leader in Me exhibition at the Global Citizenship Day 2023

The growth and development of IGC School students are vividly showcased through the incorporation of positive habits in the biannual Leader in Me campaigns. These campaigns provide specific themes that empower students to cultivate self-awareness, demonstrate personal accountability, exercise emotional regulation, choose words that uplift, actively listen, respect diverse perspectives, and collaborate effectively with their peers to accomplish shared goals. As part of this process, students maintain daily progress charts and engage in reflective discussions with their friends during the campaign's culmination day, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their personal journey.

The Leader in Me message is creatively expressed at Le Quy Don - Tan Mai High School

Furthermore, IGC students embrace their leadership spirit by actively engaging in various class, school, and system-wide events. A notable example is the Global Citizens' Day 2023, where IGC is delighted to have the support of 125 Student Leaders who take on roles such as MCs, coordinators, overseeing food booths, managing audiovisual setups, handling communications, and providing guidance to international guests. These students exemplify their leadership qualities and make valuable contributions to the event's organization, resulting in a resounding success and leaving a lasting impression on the over 2,000 attendees from Vietnam, Thailand, New Zealand, South Korea, Cambodia, and beyond.

Student Leaders taking on the role of Coordinators at the Global Citizens' Day 2023

Student serving as Communications Leaders at the Global Citizens' Day 2023

The elementary students of IGC Ben Tre Primary-Middle School proudly take on the role of MCs for the school event, demonstrating their confidence and abilities.

IGC students confidently share their leadership roles within the classroom at a seminar organized by FCE Vietnam 

Alongside the shift in mindset and actions to create positive impacts on themselves and their families, IGC students actively contribute to the transformation of their surrounding community through practical projects. Remarkable examples include the Organic Fertilizer from Waste project, the Mini Library at Le Quy Don - Long Binh Tan High School, the Warm Meals on Winter Nights project at Le Quy Don - Quyet Thang Primary-Middle-High School, and the Coral Reef Conservation - Protecting the Ocean project at Thai Binh Duong Primary-Middle-High School. These projects have received high recognition for their meaningful and practical nature, earning numerous national and international awards.

Vu Thi Ngoc Anh, a student from Le Quy Don - Long Binh Tan High School, wins the Grand Prize in the international Leader in Me Presentation Competition 2022

Pham Minh Quan, a student from Le Quy Don - Quyet Thang Primary-Middle-High School, achieves a remarkable "double victory."

IGC has launched a project that brings together students from 35 Leader in Me schools across 9 countries to collaborate on a powerful video titled "Together We Can Change the World." This video serves as a platform for students to spread the message of collective responsibility in safeguarding our planet and showcases the global citizenship commitment of the future generation. Watch the clip here

Sharing his impressions of the Leader in Me program, Minh Quan, a 10th-grade student from Le Quy Don Primary-Middle-High School - Quyet Thang, who recently received two major awards at the International Leader in Me Presentation Competition 2023, expresses: "Leader in Me has empowered me with motivation, skills, and, most importantly, self-confidence to initiate and accomplish things that were once only thoughts. Instead of just thinking, I took action and succeeded, not in the eyes of the world but in personal growth and development."

Leader in Me - a source of inspiration for the IGC staff

With their role as guides in helping students fulfill their leadership roles and contribute to creating an inspiring classroom environment, the IGC teaching staff is dedicated to continuously developing their abilities, allowing them to confidently teach and share about Leader in Me with students.

Every year, IGC conducts specialized training programs and workshops for teachers, focusing on the principles and methodologies of Leader in Me. These principles are shared and applied as an educational mindset that permeates the entire system. Teachers skillfully integrate Leader in Me into lesson content and their role as mentors, acting as coordinators and supportive partners to students throughout various campaigns and events.

Annual specialized training programs are organized for teachers

In addition to making an impact within the school and the education system, the IGC team actively engages in sharing their practical experiences at the seminar "Connecting Global Education & the 4 Essential Roles of Principals", organized by FCE Vietnam. This seminar brings together various Leader in Me schools from across the country. The IGC teachers, with their wealth of real-world experiences and effective strategies, provide valuable insights and information to the participants, thereby contributing to the development of a vibrant community of exceptional and inspiring educational leaders.

Representatives from IGC Group and the School Board captured photos at the seminar

Additionally, to foster continuous sharing within the team, a dedicated Facebook group called "Leader in Me Community - IGC" has been established for all IGC staff and teachers. This group serves as a platform for members to exchange valuable insights and discuss the practical application of the 7 habits in their work and personal lives.

Sharing her perspective on the Leader in Me program, Ms. Tran Thi Thien Trang, a Vietnamese Language teacher at Thai Binh Duong Primary-Middle-High School (IPS Dong Nai), expressed her thoughts: "For me, Leader in Me goes beyond merely reciting the 7 habits; it is the key to unlocking the potential within each individual. Since being introduced to Leader in Me, I have noticed a significant transformation within myself. I have become more proactive, approaching challenges with a positive mindset, and experiencing greater efficiency in my work."

The positive changes witnessed among both teachers and students stand as a testament to the pervasive influence of the Leader in Me philosophy. It serves as a catalyst for the IGC community to further develop their leadership capabilities, empowering them to thrive in the future.

The remarkable achievements serve as a testament to the fruitful efforts of IGC Group in implementing the Leader in Me program into their educational activities. By participating in the highly competitive International Leader in Me Presentation Contest alongside students from over 50 countries, IGC proudly received the prestigious Grand Prize in the Individual Category (16-19 years old) for two consecutive years. Notably, the academic year 2022-2023 marked a significant milestone as IGC was honored with the Most Voted Prize (International round) and had 10 projects ranked among the top 15 in the Individual Category, as well as 2 projects among the top 12 in the Family and School Category (National round) of this renowned competition.  

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